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13 September 2005 @ 02:56 am
BOY, I sure wish people actually posted here! YUP.
02 July 2005 @ 03:24 pm
Character: Claidi
Theme: [link]
Deadline: ??

Yeah, so I'm extending the deadline until... whenever.
25 June 2005 @ 06:15 am
I just realized that I'm going to be on vacation from July 5th to the 15/17th. So how would this work? Should I just post the challenge now, do the voting by posts (you can only make polls if you or the community has a paid account), then just start round 2 late? I don't really want to have to wait until the 15/17th to start round 1, or worse, August.

So, um, to start things off, the character should probably be Claidi. But the theme? No idea.

EDIT: Pffft. And I just remembered that I'm most likely going to be staying at my Aunt's house, and thus, will most likely have internet access.

SO. Round 1 will start Saturday, July 2nd and voting will begin July 9th. And so hopefully I'll be back by the time round 2 starts.

This, of course, assuming that anyone actually enters.
25 June 2005 @ 01:36 am
You know, yesterday I bought me a 6-month paid account, thinking that I could use all the nifty features in the communities I've created. Nope. Only works for my user account. And I can't get a refund or transfer it to this community.

I've already got a $5 subscription to dA, plus I just donated $10 to Gaia to get me some free fake stuff. And in addition to the $15 subscription I'm stuck with now. So it's probably not the best idea to be buying more stuff.

That Livejournal, always trying to fandangle me out of my parents' money.